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We also, in effect, identify strongly with the elements of those signs.

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It tends to get confusing to sort out the dispositors in our birth chart because we must follow the planets back and forth. This dispositor and its element are important because we identify strongly with the planet that rules our ascendant. To find the dispositor of the ascendant, see what sign is on the ascendant the Rising Sign , and then see which planet rules that sign.

See Ruling Planets. Once you know which planet is the dispositor, then take note of which sign that planet is in. Whatever this sign is, we take note of the element of this sign. Once you know which planet is the dispositor of the Sun, then see which sign this planet is in. Then, take note of the element of that sign. See the Element Key, found above on this page, if you need it.


See more ascendant rising signs. Notify me when new comments are added. Leave this field empty. It takes 2 steps to find the element of the dispositor.

First we must find the dispositor. Find the Dispositor of the Ascendant To find the dispositor of the ascendant, see what sign is on the ascendant the Rising Sign , and then see which planet rules that sign. If the ascendant is in Aries, Mars rules Aries, so Mars is the dispositor of the ascendant. If the ascendant is in Taurus, Venus rules Taurus, so Venus is the dispositor of the ascendant.

If the ascendant is in Gemini, Mercury rules Gemini, so Mercury is the dispositor of the ascendant. Thus, in most cases, the chain of dispositors leads back to this mutual reception no matter where I begin If belgianmoon's information about your natal planetary placements is correct, your Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo are in mutual reception; therefore, Venus cannot be your sole dispositor. Last edited by Arian Maverick; at PM. No, according to the link of the definition I provided in an earlier post, one can use either rulership or exaltation in the tree of dispositors.

However, I would use either entirely rulerships or entirely exaltations and not mix them I'm not saying you did this in your post Arian Maverick. I have final dispositor of moon and Jupiter in mutual reception. Ole Moon gets the final call I believe. Twice by sign and house, cause Jupiter conjuncts Uranus and sag moon in eleventh house. Say the final dispositor is the power. LOL This is actually funny in my situation. You only use rulerships, not exaltations in finding the final dispositor.

Exaltations, the planet can work extemely well in expression of the sign, OK, Venus rules Taurus and Libra and exalted in Pisces cause of the arts. Good place for Venus. Venus and Pisces do well in expression of the imagination and the mystical. Venus rules Libra and Taurus cause with these signs Venus is working always. I wonder at times if exaltations are better then the actual rulerships to have in a chart. I dont really bother about debilities and exhaltations. Some of them are simply accidental after all.

Also co rulers such as Mars for Scorpio I wouldnt count as a sole dispositor. Pluto, yes. I think it is an old fashioned way of looking at the planets in my opinion. To say for instance that the SUn in Libra is weak is just not valid for me when that Sun may be well aspected to Venus and other planets for instance. We can have creative partnerships and express ourselves there, cant we??

The Sun is about self and Venus is about sharing and equality I know that is the premise I just prefer to take the planets in their signs on their position and the aspects they may make. What is the real significance of the final dispositor? A singleton planet for instance can be the focus of a chart. Any planets in their natural signs and houses are very strong as is the chart ruler. I would like to know others experience of it. Final dispositors or dispositers, play a role in keeping the sign going or paying the rent for the sign. LOL, Pisces sun, neptune paying the rent for my sun in second house.

I look toward Neptune for my values and it is in ninth house. So, values are connected to ninth house matters and Neptune. Spirituality is a real value to me. I need a concrete belief system for my money to flow and higher learning.

Dispositors of rasi and navamsa

I get into rulerships cause it shows much in a chart. I agree Libra sun does not have to be viewed as weak. Sun in Libra shines through Venus. Venus pays the rent.

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There can be only one final dispositor in my understanding and not everyone has one. I dont know what you mean by paying the rent exactly. Tenants belong in the 6th house as it is clothing, food and shelter as the everyday needs. I have only just got the spin on that one as I will be a landlady quite soon and Saturn there means obstacles with those leasing my house??? I see now where my transitting Jupiter in the 10th may come into play.

Sorry to ramble on Claire. Tags dispositor , sole Thread Tools.

2. Find the Element of the Dispositor of the Ascendant

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