Horoscope november 22 daily

SP: Inveroak. You get real satisfaction from inspiring others to be confident so they expect, and get, success.


You accept that love, on its own, is not enough to sustain a relationship so now you add friendship it needs. The sun spins into the success sector of your chart and Jupiter sprinkles luck on sincere ambitions. Sign in. All Football. Mystic Meg. Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign on the horoscope charts and is a mutable sign ruled by Jupiter.

Astrologers believe Sagittarius exemplifies generosity and a great sense of humour but can suffer from impatience at times. People born under this sign are said to prefer philosophy, freedom and travel over little details and clingy people.

Reiki, access bars, and crystal healing are some of the modalities you can delve into. Looking at something short-term? You could think about venturing out for a spiritual retreat or a workshop. Cosmic tip: Now is the time to take a step towards your higher calling. What is love if not unconditional? Keep your judgements aide, Scorpio. Allow yourself to see people as they are—beings of love and light.

The gift of acceptance is a magical one and it promises to transform the most challenging relationships. Remember, every conversation is a two-way street. Members of your soul tribe could you to lend them a listening ear today. Be there for them in the best way you can.

Sagittarius season is here, and so is a full moon in Gemini!

Cosmic Tip: The gift of unconditional love promises to transform your relationships. What an exciting time to be you, Sagittarius! All the things that you have been working towards consistently are ready to take off at jetspeed. Spontaneous travel could be on the cards for some of you. Are the mountains calling?

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It would be but impolite to decline this invitation. Cosmic Tip: Momentum is starting to build around the projects you have been investing your time and energy into.

When you realise you are your only limitation, you decide to get out of your way. This is the time to realise your highest potential.

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Your calling is becoming crystal clear to you—more than ever before. Your willingness to walk bravely on the chosen path is opening many doors for you. Offers your fears and insecurities to the sacred fire as you keep moving forward. Cosmic tip: Now is the time to realise your highest potential.

Gear up for an align your chakras kinda day! Your power words right now: meditation and mindfulness.

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Make time to go within. Remember, that beauty within equals beauty without. Nothing will feel better than eradicating toxins in all forms and giving your digestive system a reboot.