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Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View history. This page was last edited on 20 January , at Content is available under these permissions. Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor.

Gender : M. The Holy Roman Empire was a notional realm in central Europe, which lasted for around 1, years, until It was not until that the title of Holy Roman Empire was applied, but the origins of the name date back to AD , more than years after the western half of the Roman Empire had collapsed. As with Charlemagne, Otto was crowned as a reward for having helped Pope John deal with his enemies in Italy. From that point, the Empire was chiefly centred on Germany, though it retained lands in Italy and elsewhere in central Europe.

The Empire, having been created and reinforced by the papacy at times of trouble, enjoyed a complex and frequently difficult relationship with the bishops of Rome.

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In , a lengthy battle for dominance between the Popes and Emperors, known as the Investiture Conflict, began. The death in of Emperor Frederick II, following a failed campaign in Italy, marked the final defeat of the Empire in this clash. Though the Empire kept its title, it was greatly weakened, particularly as it took 23 years to settle the decision of who should succeed Frederick — the most extraordinary, intelligent and ambitious of the Emperors.

No longer seeking European domination, the Empire settled into a loose confederation of mainly German states, with the Emperor often marginalised. It was the French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte who oversaw the events that brought about the end of the Holy Roman Empire. Linked with ideas of death, this translates into energies of transformation, revolution and chaos. It is probably no coincidence that Pluto was discovered in the s, a chaotic time in history with the rise of the Nazi Party and the Great Depression.

Pluto travels the Zodiac in a slow elliptical orbit of years, spending anywhere from years in each sign.

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For this reason, it is often called a generational influence, as its power is both shared by a generation, and deeply influential, as the length of time it remains in a sign entrenches its characteristics. Pluto was moving through freedom loving and spiritual Sagittarius for 13 years, but on 26 January , Pluto entered more serious Capricorn, where it will stay until With its connection to time, Pluto in Capricorn is often a harbinger of seeds that have been planted bearing their fruit, often in unexpected, and not always positive, ways.

Just like people, entities have their own astrology, their own natal chart based on the time they came into being. The natal chart of the U.

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Government is linked to July 4th, , the day that represents the Declaration of Independence from British rule and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. On this date, Pluto also resided in Capricorn, where it stayed until In AD Krakatoa erupted, splitting the Indonesian landmass.

This catastrophic event had environmental impacts across the globe as the planet entered an extremely cold period starting in AD, which lasted around 20 years. This period of lower temperatures resulted in failed crops, famine and plague.

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It is interesting to note that at that time Neptune was in Aquarius, as it was recently it moved into Pisces in Pluto returned to Capricorn from AD, the period when Charlemagne conquered Europe and converted her people to Christianity, founding the Holy Roman Empire that would last for 1, years and shape much of modern European culture. In AD Pluto again entered Capricorn. This was the period when banking was born as the Chinese introduced the first paper currency. They also began to make loans, for which they earned interest. This period also saw the Reformation, and the collapse of centralised European religious authority in Rome, that was largely established under Charlemagne.

Perhaps this is an example of hidden seeds, clouded in darkness like Pluto, planted during the natal period of the Holy Roman Empire, bearing their fruit. Mirroring the catastrophic aftermath of Krakatoa, environmental degradation and climate change are having a huge impact today. The increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters are wreaking havoc, and we are more aware then ever of the threat of climate change to our way of life.

International efforts to mange climate change are at the top of the political agenda now and are sure to remain there for the coming years.